Five Reasons to Love the GentleBirth App

iphone_6_black_screen-1_175_300I am officially a certified GentleBirth instructor!  I am working to confirm a location, and will post upcoming workshops soon. In the meantime, I want to share one of the great parts of GentleBirth– its companion app for Android and iPhone. There are a lot of reasons to love the app (picking from a number of beautiful moving scenery backgrounds for the trainings, for example), but these are some of my favorite.

Custom Journeys
When you start using the GentleBirth app, you select one of four journeys:
Parenting, Health, and Sex, or
Special Circumstances (breech baby, c-section, etc.)
Your “journey” changes your recommended trainings, so you’ll get meditations, breathing exercises, affirmations, and hypnosis sessions that are relevant to you. I love that even though I got the app after my babies were already born, I can still use the app.


Transferable Skills
The exercises are both specific to individual journeys and incredibly generalizable. I can listen to a guided session on mindful breastfeeding while I’m nursing my baby! But the brain training you do with the app will serve you outside of those specific journeys. It teaches you basic mindfulness skills that can be applied any time. The specific trainings even cover topics that aren’t directly related to pregnancy or parenting, including ones for ending emotional eating and even a dental hypnosis!

LGBT/ IVF friendly
There are trainings specifically geared toward same sex couples and it isn’t a coincidence! In addition to a “confident new dad” hynosis training, there is one called “Female Partner Postpartum Confidence.” Sometimes  it can be hard to find resources for childbirth that are conscious of LGBT families (“Husband Coached Childbirth” anyone?) so I’m glad that GentleBirth is.

When you add a training session to your Favorites, the app downloads it to your phone so you can listen when you aren’t at home without using data. This connects to what is probably my favorite thing about the app, which is that the trainings are doable!


The trainings are short and feel manageable. It can be hard to find half an hour to quietly practice mindfulness or have an undisturbed hypnosis session as a new parent, and GentleBirth realizes this. Many of the trainings are just five minutes! They are short and accessible enough that you will actually DO them, but long enough to remind you to do the really important work of incorporating the trainings into your daily life.