ZenBand- A Perfect Accessory for GentleBirth (with discounts!)

Blooming Wellness was kind enough to send me one of their ZenBands to review, and it did not disappoint!

What is a ZenBand? Blooming Wellness explains that it is “A trendy boho-styled headband made with cool, lightweight cotton that comes with removable, flat speakers on the inside.” You can also get some of the company’s ZenTones to help with stress, anxiety, sleep, and more.

I already knew what I would be using my ZenBand for, though– to listen to meditations and hypnosis sessions from the GentleBirth App!

I was wondering how they would look in person. The models on the site definitely have the hippie chic look that I don’t quite pull off as a mom of two, tired and covered in spit up. I was pleasantly surprised to find it pretty cute, even over my 3-days-without-a-shower mom bun (and yes, that is a nursing baby. See my post on finding time for mindfulness)!


I was really impressed with the sound quality– much better than the ear buds I usually use. The band was comfortable. It didn’t get too hot or sweaty and the fabric is soft and stretchy.

The ZenBand  would be perfect for preparing for birth with the GentleBirth app. A lot of parents wonder if it’s ok that they fall asleep during the hypnosis sessions and it totally is. You’ll know the information is “getting in” when you start to feel excited about labor and birth! The ZenBand made it even easier for me to relax and follow along with GentleBirth trainings because I wasn’t thinking about the headphones– I was more able to just focus on the sounds and words.

It would also be great during labor itself– It could keep your hair out of your eyes while you listen to affirmations and you wouldn’t have to deal with long annoying ear bud cords. You can even spritz some essential oils on it.

The only improvement I would suggest is to make a Bluetooth headphone option. It would be nice to not have to worry about the phone and cord while sleeping. Currently, Blooming Wellness doesn’t recommend wearing the ZenBand through the whole night, and this would solve that issue.

Side note– these would be great for doulas too since they can double as an eye mask! You could use them when listening to some relaxing music and blocking out light at 2 pm when your client is sleeping and you’re trying to get some rest too.

I would definitely recommend the ZenBand. If you’re interested, head to Blooming Wellness and use the code Zen for 15% off. Be sure to head to the GentleBirth site as well for a free seven day trial of the app!