Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula Services


Birth doula services include:

  • One no cost, no obligation prenatal visit to determine if you would like to use my services and to discuss your hopes for your birth
  • One additional prenatal visit to further discuss your birth preferences and details
  • Availability via email, phone, and text message throughout your pregnancy
  • Continuous support throughout your labor and birth,and for one hour after
  • Referral to additional resources as needed
  • One postpartum visit

Why Choose a Doula For Birth?
There are demonstrated benefits to having a doula present for your birth. Studies have shown that people who have continuous support, like that provided by a doula have fewer interventions, including cesarean sections, in their births. This does not mean, however, that only those desiring intervention-free births should include a doula in their support team. Doulas support birthing families, unconditionally,  in any choices they make regarding their labor and births.


Those who utilize the service of a doula tend to have labors that are shorter and they tend to be more satisfied with their childbirth experience. Doulas are not just for those who desire unmedicated births. A doula is there to support YOUR decisions!


A doula does not interfere with the support or presence of others you wish to attend your birth, but instead acts as a support for them, too! A doula can provide your partner with tips for comforting you, can go on a snack run if your mother is hungry but you don’t want her to leave your side, or can take turns rubbing your back with your best friend. There are many options. For example, a doula could hold one hand while a partner holds the other, or she could act more as a backup. We will discuss these options before your birth.