Full Spectrum Doula Services

Full Spectrum Doula Services

  • One no cost, no obligation prenatal visit to determine if you would like to use my services and to discuss how I can best support you
  • Availability via email, phone, and text message prior to your procedure
  • Continuous support throughout the procedure and for one hour after
  • Referral to additional resources as needed

Why Choose a Full Spectrum Doula?
A doula can provide important support during the termination of pregnancy, regardless of the reason for the termination. Though many who choose or experience termination do not experience pain or grief, those who do, or expect they might, can benefit from the presence of a doula.

A doula can discuss the procedure beforehand so you know what to expect, and during the procedure can help with pain management and emotional care. If desired, a doula can  help plan a dedication to honor the transition in a way that fits your beliefs and feelings, and can help direct you to further resources if needed.